Wine bottle with birdseed with and without a feeding table

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Attract birds in the garden with this gritter-filled wine bottle. The litter consists of wheat, sorghum, millet, black sunflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds, lines, broken corn, hemp seeds, beans, small oats, vetches, peas and black oats. The mixture is suitable for different species of birds.

The right feeding table offers the birds an attractive feeding place. The birds can approach from three sides. The bottle, which also serves as a silo, provides the birds with sufficient food. The raised edge forms and serves as a perch and ensures that the birds do not sit directly in the food. This prevents the spread of diseases.

This combination is easy to clean and very easy to fill. A particularly nice gift for bird lovers.

Dimensions bracket: L 17.3 x W 18.5 x H 41.5 cm

Dimensions bottle: L 8.9 x W 8.9 x H 30.7 cm

Without ambrosia!