Pine cones on a base large

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From clay

Width 18 cm Height 36.8 cm

Color grey, green

This pine cone is one of the classic accessories in the garden. In this case it is optically already somewhat weathered. This is especially nice so it doesn't look so new.

The pine symbol comes from the cult of the Annunaki from ancient Mesopotamia and the cult of the Egyptian Isis. It was also used in the cults of Dionysius and Cybele. The Christians adopted the symbol and interpreted the pine as the tree of life. Its cones are considered symbols of resurrection and immortality.

"Behold, for I am the descendant. Small enough not to be seen or understood by the weak, for they underestimate my greatness. But within me is the ability to create a whole forest."

In the Central European provinces, the Romans decorated pillar tombs with pine cones. He is also said to be the symbol of the goddess Cisa.

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