Dried berries - bird seed

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The bird food supply is becoming increasingly scarce, which makes different bird species less common.

Birds are very busy in the spring. First they look for a partner, then living space, laying eggs and raising cubs. In summer the moult begins and they get a new plumage. In the fall, they prepare for winter, and in the winter, birds need more fat to keep warm. You can lose 10% of your body weight on a cold night.

These dried berries are a tasty and healthy snack for birds and can be fed all year round.

This berry mix consists of chokeberries, hawthorn berries, rose hips and blackcurrants and attracts great tits, robins, blue tits, blackbirds, sparrows and great tits, although other species will also enjoy it.

The cardboard packaging is recyclable and the viewing window is made of PLA | 100% bio-based plastic. The packaging has a practical pouring device.

Product dimensions: L 6.5 x W 12.5 x H 20.4 cm

Contents: 250 g

The berry mix does not contain ambrosia!