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Iris Steinweller Unternehmerin

Iris Steinweller

Dipl.-Ing. and entrepreneur

Iris is a civil engineer and has worked as a management consultant and manager for 20 years. Along the way, she and her husband have repeatedly rebuilt houses and laid out gardens. In doing so, she developed her own style and realized ideas. Again and again she looked for optimal and beautiful products. In the process, she gathered a number of good ideas. She also markets some of them herself. The topic of sustainability is also particularly important to her. It relies on natural, renewable raw materials or recycled materials.

 Tomas Beneke Tom71

 Thomas Beneke

Street Art artist

Tom71 is an urban artist and belongs to the first generation of graffiti sprayers in Düsseldorf. Its designed walls have shaped the Düsseldorf cityscape for many years. He creates a symbiosis of typography, calligraphy and graffiti. Together with some of his artist colleagues in the 40 Grad Urban Art e.V. association, he organizes the annual 40 Grad Urban Art Festival in Düsseldorf.