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The garden becomes a living space with all the trimmings. If you love your garden, you want to spend as much time as possible in it when the weather is good. The use is very different. From the quiet oasis to relax to a sociable barbecue evening with friends in an outdoor kitchen or the playground for children, everything is included. The more space there is, the more you can achieve. If you don't have that, you have to set priorities, but that doesn't mean that the result is less impressive. Small gardens with optimal use and good ideas are particularly attractive.

"Working in nature, especially in the garden, is becoming more and more important as a balance to the fast communication techniques; it leads to the discovery of slowness, to calm, reflection and relaxation; it creates oases in a fast-paced world", says Sonja Countess Bernadotte.

Relax in your garden - with deck chairs and garden furniture to relax. Anyone who has a garden can create a place to feel good according to their own ideas: a garden as a place of rest, to relax in the hammock or in a deck chair in the sun or under the parasol. Comfortable and high-quality garden furniture such as garden and deck chairs, garden tables or Hollywood swings invite you to relax and unwind. Garden furniture sets are particularly practical. When designing permanent garden seats or building terraces, you should make sure that the areas are sunny, but also protected from wind and weather. In summer in particular, it can be very important to provide good sun protection: A mobile sunshade, an airy awning or a particularly stable awning can effectively protect seats and terraces from the sun in summer. Because who wants to end up with a sunburn when you relax in the garden and maybe take a restful nap on the sun lounger?

Garden sheds and tool sheds are recommended so that your garden furniture is always within reach and at the same time protected from wind and weather. A garden shed, either made of natural wood or painted in cheerful colors, can quickly become the focal point in any garden: Here you can sit comfortably together and enjoy your garden even in a rain shower. In addition to garden furniture, garden sheds and tool sheds also offer space and storage space for all your garden tools, devices and machines, but also for your barbecue, charcoal and barbecue accessories. So you always have everything to hand that you need for gardening or barbecuing.

The nicest thing after gardening is done - barbecuing in the garden. A garden can also be a place to socialize, where you can sit together with friends and family in cheerful company. Barbecue evenings and parties offer a perfect opportunity for sociable get-togethers. After all, there is hardly anything nicer than sitting together in the garden after gardening and enjoying culinary delicacies fresh from the grill in cheerful company. So it's no wonder that barbecuing is so incredibly popular. If you have odor-sensitive neighbors who are uncomfortable with the smell of charcoal when grilling, you don't have to do without a grill: A gas grill or an electric grill can provide relaxation here, as the smell and smoke development is much lower than here with the traditional charcoal grill. So you can grill in peace in your garden and enjoy the peaceful get-together with delicious grill specialties.

Garden design for children - design an adventure playground with garden play equipment. If you have children it is always worthwhile to include the ideas and wishes of the little ones in the garden design. It can also be a great experience for children to be able to design their own small garden area, for example a small bed of flowers and herbs. You can find suitable plants such as sunflowers and everything for plant care as well as the right planters here in our online shop. With a few good garden design ideas, a garden can be turned into a small adventure playground for children in no time at all: A great tower or playhouse or a self-made tree house with a rope ladder invites children to let their imagination run wild: whether it's a robber's or pirate's nest or an enchanted castle - The garden offers children plenty of space to play, run around and climb. Smaller children can play in the sandpit for hours. A garden swing not only brings a lot of joy to the little ones, but also offers a place for everyone to swing their legs and let their thoughts wander. Discover more great possibilities and design ideas with garden play equipment here in our webshop to turn your garden into an adventure playground for young and old.