Since the art of horticulture has existed, art has also been included in gardens for design. In times when the living space is getting smaller and the walls for art collectors are finite, the garden opens up as an additional option. In addition, street art has established itself in the last few decades, which wants to bring its works and statements to people where they are and does not want to hang in museums. Art should be where everyone can see it.

Graffiti is part of the face of a city. Real art has justifiably developed among the various types of play and styles. The idea of ​​not hanging pictures in museums but of presenting them to the public every day and always keeping the message present is important. Unfortunately, sometimes the best pictures are in not easily accessible places. That makes it difficult for the viewer and the artist. In the meantime, many works have also made it to galleries and museums in smaller form. But isn't that contrary to the original idea?

Many art lovers choose to purchase graffiti images for their own collection. But isn't something lost from the idea of ​​art if it is no longer shown in the open air? But in a garden they would still be free…. in the open air and for more people to see. Many gardens have back walls, walls and fences. Especially in the big cities. Why not use these walls for art and combine them with garden art? Art made outside for everyone to see. We show how to do it.