Nesting bags made of reeds for wrens

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This nesting bag is specially made for the wren. The wren is one of the smallest birds. If you manage to give it a home in your garden, it will delight you with beautiful singing even in winter.

Attach the nesting bag to a tree or wall at a height of up to 2 m in a well-hidden place between dense bushes or climbing plants, in a quiet and reasonably sheltered place. So not directly in the sun or on the rainy side, with a free flight path for the bird. The nesting bag can be cleaned in autumn. In winter the nesting bag is used by the birds to protect them from bad weather.

There is a ring on the back to hang it up. The entrance opening is 3.5 cm and is suitable for the wren.

Product dimensions: L 10.3 x W 9.8 x H 24.3 cm

Material: reed, iron