SMILTER foliage protection

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The SMILTER leaf guard is the best protection for the gutter and downpipe. The gutter cleans itself every time it rains. The dirt from the rain gutter is simply rinsed into the downpipe, caught by the SMILTER in an effective honeycomb sieve and collected in the large collecting tray. It can be easily removed from there. No more annoying climbing to dangerous heights and the substance of the house is also protected.

  • Best leaf protection, because leaves and coarse dirt are filtered and collected in the SMILTER.
  • The collected leaves can be removed from the collecting tray by hand.
  • Purified rainwater runs off into the sewage system.
  • The gutter is kept clean, no further leaf protection is required.
  • Made in GERMANY from bioplastics!


  • The SMILTER is installed on the downpipe at a height that is easy to see and reach.
  • To install the SMILTER, the downpipe is opened and shortened at the optimal point.
  • The upper and lower pieces of the downpipe are simply inserted into the holder of the SMILTER until they click into place.
  • If necessary, the SMILTER can simply be removed from the downpipe and completely cleaned at any time.
 For downpipes DN100 with a connected roof area of ​​70m².